WinRAR Unexpected End of Archive Fix

Fix WinRAR unexpected end of archive error

Compressing large files using WinRAR archive for sending mails preserves the directory structure and helps them from getting corrupted. Today, you can find hard drives, external HDD or many other storage devices with large capacity so no need to compress files for saving space in the disk. Compression is usually done to send or receive mails of large file size more quickly over a network. RAR file consumes lesser time to send files than files without compression.

You become fully frustrated if after downloading movie files in RAR format, it do not open. Or if you click on extract option you may receive an error message “header is corrupted”. The header keeps all information of the structure. It enables you to access contents of the file. If header gets corrupted you may be unable to extract files resulting in error. Virus attack also corrupts and modifies header of the file which result in failure of extraction of files. Using low quality and cheap third party software may also corrupt WinRAR.

“Unexpected end of archive” error message is a common error that you may come across while accessing WinRAR. While downloading a file from the internet, sometimes after downloading few megabytes, it stops and shows a complete download. This also results in corruption of RAR file & produce errors like the above mentioned.

Corruption of RAR file may be due to following reasons:

  • Due to the low connectivity of network, entire files may not have been downloaded properly. Improper shutdown or abrupt termination of the system while extracting RAR file may also corrupt the file.

  • Windows Registry contains info of all the programs of the system. If RAR file association gets damaged in Windows Registry then also RAR files become inaccessible. The registry may get corrupted due to virus infection, user errors, improper installation of tool, application malfunction and so on. As a result, your RAR file will be damaged and you cannot access it. Then, use this application to repair that damaged RAR archive easily. For more help, visit this link:

  • File may also get corrupted due to CRC error, where extraction of RAR files fails due to the mismatching of file size. It happens when file contains invalid data or some bits were corrupted. CRC is used to check whether sent and receive data is same. If it fails to identify them then WinRAR archive fails to extract corrupt RAR file data.

RAR repair application can be used to repair severely damaged or corrupted WinRAR archive. It can easily perform WinRAR unexpected end of archive fix on Windows Operating system. This application not only fixes corrupted RAR file, but also repairs any type of broken file. If you were getting an invalid error while downloading or extracting RAR file then in such case you can use this application to fix corrupted WinRAR archive after invalid RAR file error. If RAR file is corrupted due to RAR format error 17540 then the tool is the complete solution to repair and recover the contents of corrupted RAR file. It can also repair RAR file that are highly encrypted with passwords. It also supports all latest versions of WinRAR archive like WinRAR 3, WinRAR 2, WinRAR 1.5 and WinRAR 1.3.

Steps to perform WinRAR unexpected end of archive fix process:

Step 1: Launch Repair RAR tool by clicking on the desktop icon. Browse for the broken RAR file as shown below. After that click on the "Repair"option to start fixing process.

WinRAR unexpected end of archive fix - Main Screen

Step 2: After completion of the repair process, you can preview the repaired RAR file.

WinRAR unexpected end of archive fix - Preview Screen