WinRAR Says There are No Files to Extract

Deal With No Files to Extract Error with Ease

Large size of files creates big problem when you need to share over internet or sent through email. The best and easiest way to get rid of this problem is compression of files. You can make use of WinRAR tool to compress that large sized file to a compressed and comparatively less size of file. But, there are also some problems of corruption with compressed RAR file format. Though this file is very useful to save memory space and create backup of larger document, you may end up with corruption of this file in different circumstances. You will be acknowledged about corruption, only when you attempt to extract it. Most of the cases, WinRAR says there are no files to extract and you will lose all information from it. But, if it contains some vital information, you should employ this RAR Repair Tool to extract data from that damaged RAR file.

You may get such error message resulting to inaccessible RAR file in several instances. Some of common reasons of RAR file corruption are:

Improper Compression: There are different applications available on internet to create a RAR file and different compression methods are also there. You can choose the compression from them manually. If you choose an ordinary tool to create RAR file, it may results to corrupted RAR file after improper compression. In that case, if you want to extract data from corrupted RAR file, visit this link:

Interrupted Downloading: When you are downloading a RAR file from internet, this process may be interrupted due to power surge, system restart or network failure. After partial download, you will get CRC error trying to open that archive file. Then, employ this RAR repair tool to fix CRC error on archive with ease. Besides this error, if WinRAR says there are no files to extract you can utilize this tool for better result.

Incomplete Recovery: You can also face this error message after incomplete recovery. Sometimes, RAR files are deleted or lost from computer and we recover them using restoration application. If the recovery process is interrupted or the tool is not efficient, recovered RAR archive will be damaged. Next, when you try to open that file WinRAR says there are no files to extract and prevents you from accessing the file. No need to worry, this tool is always effective to fix & extract information from corrupted RAR file.

Irrespective of the reason of corruption, you can utilize this smart RAR Repair Tool when win RAR says there are no files to extract. It is very efficient to fix different types of error messages apart from it. You can choose this well-known utility to fix damaged RAR even if it is password protected. This application is effective to repair almost all RAR file created in different versions of WinRAR tool. Moreover, it is compatible with all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc. To repair RAR file on Windows 8 computer, you can visit this link:

Steps to extract information from RAR file:

Step 1: First download and install this application on your computer, after launching it, you have to choose the corrupt RAR file using "Browse" option and next click on "Repair" button to start repair operation.

WinRAR Says There are No Files to Extract - Main Screen

Step 2: When the repair operation will be finished, you can see all extracted contents from the repaired RAR file.

Error Extracting Files - Preview Screen