Repair RAR Files after Header Corruption on Windows 7

Want to repair RAR files corrupt after header corruption on Windows 7?

You will generally compress larger files to reduce their file size so that they can be easily copied or transferred to other devices. Or else, you will use WinRAR to roll several files into a single file so that you can easily manage it and send in an email message. Compressed files generally consume less space than original uncompressed files. WinRAR is one of the famous software to compress the large files. RAR files are noticeably smaller than corresponding ZIP files or tar balls. Compressed RAR files are not only useful for their reduced size, the data stored in RAR files is also safe when exported to other people via internet. What if your RAR file gets corrupt??? Obviously, you will be anxious as you are not able to access all important files in the RAR archive!!

One fine day, you will turn on your computer and try to extract some important files like photos, videos from RAR archives. As you click on extract option, you will get a “header is corrupt” error message that makes you furious!!! All housekeeping information about RAR file is stored in header i.e. at the beginning of the file. This header enables you to easily and rapidly access the contents of the file. If this header becomes corrupted or damaged then you may not be able to interpret the contents of RAR archive resulting in an error message. The RAR file header may get corrupted due to various reasons.

Virus attacks: This is one of the common reasons due to which your RAR file becomes inaccessible. Viruses generally infect .exe, .zip and .rar files and make some modification in the header of that file. Due to this, you may not be able to access and extract the contents of the RAR file

Usage of third party applications to change the file header: Without any thorough technical knowledge, if you try to alter the RAR archive header then you may end up in losing the access to the RAR file. This is because, if you do any silly mistake while  editing the header then the entire RAR file may become inaccessible

Fluctuation in voltage: While extracting the contents of the RAR file, if your system is encountering fluctuation in voltages or sudden power surges then your RAR file header may get corrupted.

Now, you must be thinking how to resolve this issue?? Is it possible to repair header corrupted RAR Archive??? The perfect answer to all your flurry question is the powerful RAR Repair Software. This software can easily repair the RAR files created using different versions of WinRAR. It can also fix highly encrypted RAR files. If you are getting any strange errors while accessing the RAR file then this software helps in  fixing WinRAR files corrupted after invalid RAR file errors. Sometimes, you will get a CRC error after downloading the RAR file due to mismatching of source RAR file’s CRC with received RAR archive’s CRC. In such case also, you can use this software to repair corrupt RAR file after CRC error in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Additionally, software is now renovated with most advanced algorithms to fix RAR archive on Windows 8 OS based computers. While dealing with RAR file you may come across various situation which can lead to RAR file corruption, unexpected end of archive error message is one of them. It generally occurs when there is an extraction problem for RAR files due to low disk space. This application is also used for Winrar unexpected end of archive repair with ease.

Steps to repair header corrupted RAR archive

Step 1: You first need to download and install the RAR Repair software. Once you launch the software, you need to browse the corrupt RAR file using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button to start the RAR repair process.

Repair RAR - Main Screen

Step 2: After successfully finishing the repair process, you can view the recovered contents of the repaired RAR file.

Fix RAR Archive - Preview Screen