Password Protected RAR Recovery

Ways to perform Password Protected RAR Recovery

The organization of memory space to store lots of documents is a bit difficult task.  You can store more documents or files in a less amount of space by compressing the documents or files. The RAR is a file format in which you can compress the files or documents of any format. RAR files are generally used in backup processes. The RAR files provide multivolume archives, better compression of text, multimedia and also special recovery records. You can transfer RAR files from one system to another more quickly compared to uncompressed files. You can protect RAR files by setting password, thus you can save confidential documents or files from hackers or third party applications.   

In our day to day life the computer plays vital role, usage of this device is increasing day by day. Mainly it is used for storage purpose, sometimes the information or data that you have stored is very confidential thus you need to protect that information or data. The common way to protect or secure your PC is setting username and password. In the same way, you can protect the RAR files by setting password. These files will provide most efficient way of compressing and protecting documents or files. However, these files may get corrupted and make your valuable data inaccessible.

The corruption of password protected RAR files occurs because of several reasons. Mainly if you have downloaded password protected RAR files improperly then you may face RAR file corruption issue. When your RAR files get corrupted, it becomes difficult to open and uncompress files that are present in RAR files. In some cases, software that is used to decompress the RAR archives may also corrupt the header of RAR files resulting in loss of essential information. Due to this you are unable to access password protected RAR files. No need to worry about these files as you can repair and recover those files easily by using RAR Repair tool.

Other reasons for corruption of password protected RAR files are:

  • Insufficient memory while creating or extracting password protected RAR files will leads to weird errors thus makes your RAR files inaccessible.
  • The cyclic check redundancy or CRC error can stop the extraction of content from the password protected RAR files.
  • If RAR files corruption occurs due to some malwares, viruses make you unable to open those RAR files resulting in loss of valuable files that are compressed.
  • If downloading process of password protected RAR files is incomplete or any interruption like system shout down due to power surge occur during download then RAR file may get corrupted.
  • If you open the password protected RAR file with some other file extension then that file may get corrupt.

In natural scenario every problem have a solution, similarly you can repair password protected RAR files which are corrupted through several disaster reasons. The RAR file repair tool helps you to repair and recover those files. It will repair RAR files efficiently and provides very good results in few minutes because it is having automated process of repair and recover. It can repair CRC error in RAR file on Win XP, Win Vista and Win 7. It support different versions of RAR files such as RAR1.3, RAR1.5, RAR2, and RAR5. This application helps in  fixing WinRAR files corrupted after invalid RAR file errors. This RAR file repair tool support Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. 

Steps to recover the password protected RAR files are as follows:

Step 1: You first need to download and install the RAR Repair software. Once you launch the software, you need to browse the corrupt RAR file using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button to start the RAR repair process.

Password Protected RAR Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: After successfully finishing the repair process, you can view the recovered contents of the repaired RAR file.

Password Protected RAR Recovery - Preview Screen