Mend RAR File after Error 17540

Fix RAR File after 17540 Error

In some situations, storage space becomes an issue to store a file. In that case, we need to compress file to minimize the size of the file. We can perform this compression without losing any information by using RAR compression. It mostly needs to a large file to transfer, to store in a hard drive or to send via email. But, problem arrives when the extracted file refuses to open or extract. You have nothing to do other than applying a third party tool to repair it. RAR Repair Tool is one of the best applications to mend RAR file after error 17540 or any other type of error. The RAR file is corrupted due to different reasons like CRC error, interruption at the time of unzipping the file etc. In every case, it is competent to fix large size of RAR file even if it is password protected. Now, we will discuss some scenarios when RAR files are corrupted.

RAR file gets corrupted when any type of error occurred at the time of downloading via internet. Say, you received a RAR file and at the time of downloading, if any interruption occurs the file will be corrupted. When you will try to open it, you may get some error like “RAR format error 17540”. It means the archive file is corrupted or any error occurs with the format. In such case, you can only view the content after repairing the file by using this repair utility. RAR file also gets broken due to lack of disk space. If you are extracting the file in the storage space that is not enough to store that file after extraction, then you can get some memory error. As a result, RAR file may be broken, then this software will be better choice to resolve it easily.

The other reason of RAR file corruption is CRC error that arises at the time of unzipping the file. There is a checksum for every byte of the content and if it does not match at the time of unzipping due to any reason, a CRC error is thrown to user and it restricts the extracting process of the RAR file. Due to this interruption the file may be corrupted and the program is the appropriate solution for this type of RAR corruption on Windows XP and all other versions. In addition, it highly compatible on Windows 8 computer and performs fast and secure repairing of RAR archive. Sometimes, RAR files get corrupted if you change the file extension. Due to change of file extension, the content of the file may be inaccessible. Even, if any third party tool changes the extension then also its content may be unusable. All these RAR file damage issues can be handled by this advanced utility completely and easily. If you need any help, go through this link:

Apart from that, RAR file may corrupt due to header corruption and at the time of inflating RAR file. You may get “Header is Corrupt” error due to virus infection, fluctuation of voltage or due novice use of third party application, after this corruption the file become inaccessible but you can relax as the tool is efficient to fix header corrupted RAR file in Windows 7. In addition, you can get error message as "Database and data store files were not successfully extracted from RAR file. Error inflating: oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree". This error may be generated due to missing parity or virus infection. Then, you need the RAR Repair Tool to fix the error. If you want to repair any password protected RAR file just visit the link:

Simple steps to fix RAR file error 17540:

Step 1: First, download the RAR Repair software and launch it in your system. Then, browse the corrupted RAR file using "Browse" option and start the repair process by clicking on "Repair" button.

Mend RAR File after Error 17540 - Main Window

Figure 1: Select RAR File

Step 2: When the repair process will be completed successfilly, you can view the repaired contents of the RAR file before save.

Mend RAR File after Error 17540 - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Window