How to repair RAR Archive after CRC error on Win XP

Learn Simple Way to Repair RAR Archive File

File compression using WinRAR can seem almost magical because, it can reduce the size of files without losing any data. RAR is frequently used because it can archive, compress and decompress the data easily. Apart from this, it is also more prone to corruption as it is often used over a network. When you download a big RAR archive and try to extract the contents from it, you will get a strange error message like “CRC failed in file name. The file is corrupt” Sometimes, you will also get the same error when you try to extract the contents from the RAR file stored on the hard drive.

Why does this happen??? What actually the  CRC error is all about??? CRC errors are generated when the receiving end fails to perform CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check). There are many reasons for the occurrence of CRC errors. CRC errors may be caused due to electrical noise that has been integrated with cabling system, bad cabling and connectors or possibly due to errors in the electronic of a transmitting interface. Actually, your system performs a cyclic redundancy check for downloaded files to make sure that the contents of RAR files that you have received are same as the original files. It compares the CRC value of the source RAR file with the received RAR files. If the CRC value of the original RAR file does not match with the received file then your system will stop performing the cyclic redundancy check resulting in an error message.

If any interruption like accidental system shutdown or sudden power failure takes place while extracting the RAR file contents then also you may get this error resulting in loss of data. In such circumstances, you can redownload that RAR file and try to extract it. If re-downloading the RAR file fix the issue then it’s well and good. If not, then you must use the RAR Repair Software to fix the issue. This software fixes read error in RAR file in few simple steps.

The RAR Repair Software is all in one solution. It can repair corrupted or damaged RAR files as well as recover the contents from damaged RAR file. It supports all popular versions of WinRAR such as WinRAR 1.3, WinRAR 1.5, WinRAR 2 and WinRAR 3. If RAR file is corrupted due to incomplete or improper download then also you can use this software. It can easily repair corrupt RAR archive after incomplete download. It also has the ability to fix password protected RAR files with utmost ease. The header of RAR file may get corrupted due to interruption while downloading the RAR file, virus attack, sudden power failure, abrupt system shutdown etc. making your RAR file inaccessible. In such case, this software helps you in repairing header corrupted RAR archive on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating System. If the size of RAR archive is 4GB or more then also this software is able to repair and recover the contents of broken RAR file.

Simple steps to repair RAR archive after CRC error:

Step 1: Download and launch the RAR Repair application to fix RAR file. After launching the RAR Repair Tool, click on “Browse” option to locate your corrupted RAR file. After locating the RAR file, click on “Repair” button to start the RAR repair process.

Repair RAR - Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process is finished successfully, view the recovered items of the repaired RAR file.

Fix RAR Archive - Preview Screen

Usefull Tips

  • Do not turn off the system while extracting or downloading the RAR archive
  • Make use of UPS to avoid fluctuation in voltages
  • Use effective antivirus program to avoid virus attack