How to Fix Broken WinRAR File?

Files are compressed mainly to distribute software, to send number of photos as an attachment by email and to store infrequently used files to save hard disk storage space. Even though the price of hard drives has dropped greatly in recent years, everyone needs to compress files occasionally. This is because, the WinRAR application doesn't only compress the files and reduces the storage space, instead, it also provides high security for the files that are compressed. It is mostly used on file sharing networks like Bit Torrent.

Recently, you have downloaded some rather large i.e. a novel that is compressed using WinRAR. After a long search, you have found that novel and now, you are impatiently waiting to read that novel. As the download completes successfully, you start extracting the RAR archive. As you start extracting the RAR files, you will get a “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive”. You are not able to extract and read that novel which took a long time to download. Sometimes, you may also get an error message like “This is not a valid Win32 application”. This error message indicates that the RAR file is severely corrupted. There are many reasons for the occurrence of such errors after that RAR archive refuse to open and you need to search for a smart solution to fix such data crisis.

Improper Download: You might have not downloaded the entire file properly due to low internet connectivity or improper internet connection. Interruption like a sudden power failure or abrupt system shutdown while downloading the RAR file may also cause the RAR file corruption

Due to virus attacks: If the RAR file is infected with some harmful viruses then it is not possible to extract and read the contents of the infected RAR file. Sometimes, these viruses modify the data making all the contents of RAR file inaccessible resulting in loss of data

Windows Registry corruption: If the RAR file association is damaged in Windows Registry where the entire configuration info about the system is stored then also RAR file becomes inaccessible. Windows Registry may get corrupted due to virus attacks, user errors, improper installation of the Software or due to software malfunction. But, no worry! Just use this application once to fix thet broken RAR archive easily. If you need any assistance to perform it, follow this link:

Don’t Worry!!!! RAR Repair Software can repair severely corrupted RAR files, whatever may be the reason for the corruption of a RAR file. It can repair RAR files having more than 4GB size. If you are getting CRC errors while extracting the contents of RAR files then you can use this software. This software can fix RAR file after CRC errors on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Additionally, it can also repair the RAR files that are damaged due to virus attack, abrupt system shutdown or power failures while downloading the RAR files. This software can also repair RAR files corrupted due to incomplete download. It has the ability to fix all the corruption error and recover all contents that are in compressed form. It can also repair RAR file corrupted after 17540 error in a efficient way. This tool can fix and extract files from damaged RAR on all the advanced version of Windows operating system. It is also compatible with all latest versions of WinRAR like WinRAR 3, WinRAR 2, WinRAR 1.5 and WinRAR 1.3.

Working procedure of RAR Repair Software to fix broken rar files:

Step 1: Download and launch the RAR Repair Software to repair RAR archive. After launching the Software, click on “Browse” option to locate your corrupted RAR file then click on “Repair” button to start the RAR repair process.

Repair RAR - Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process is finished successfully, view the recovered items of the repaired RAR file.

Fix RAR Archive - Preview Screen

Simple Tips

  • Use antivirus program to avoid RAR file corruption due to virus attack
  • Make sure that imternet connection is proper while downloading any RAR file from the internet