Extract Files from Corrupted RAR

How to Extract Data from damaged RAR?

Sending, transferring or exchanging files to a person who is very far is possible only through internet. But it has a size limit for the attachments of the emails. Then came the archive file format which solved the size limitation problem. The ZIP and RAR are the archive files which can store several data by compressing those files and folders. RAR files are the archive files that support data compression, error recovery and file spanning. These RAR files have excellent compression ratio, better compaction of files and reduced time of compression of files. Therefore RAR is preferable to compress and save the files. As the size of the file is small, the transfer of the file across the internet is faster.

There are many decompressing applications to extract files from RAR files. You can install those on the computer and extract the files. When compared to other tools, WinRAR gives you fast speed to archive and unarchive files. WinRAR is one of the tools for compressing, decompressing and recovering files on the computer. It can decompress almost all the file formats and compress files to ZIP and RAR formats.

There are instances when the RAR files refuses to open and you will lose the huge amount of files compressed in it. Suppose you have downloaded a RAR file from the internet and you are not able to open it. When you try to open it using WinRAR, the error message, “no files to extract” is getting displayed. Then in such situation, to extract files from corrupted RAR you need to make use of reliable RAR repair software.

Major factors leading to corruption of RAR files:

  • Inappropriate Compression Method: There are various techniques of compressing files into RAR file. You can choose any of the methods to compress the files. While compressing, the header of the RAR file may get corrupted due to improper compression. You will not get to know about the corruption until you try to access the RAR file and this might lead to corrupted RAR files.
  • Incomplete download: When you are downloading, a file it may get corrupted due to sudden power surge or if server is down. Similarly, the RAR file also get affected and you can't get the access to the archived files in it.
  • External Threats: Virus infection is another reason behind RAR file corruption because it corrupt the header of the file and the file become inaccessible. Therefore you should protect the computer from virus to avoid such corruption using an efficient anti-virus.
  • Disruption while copying: Your system may hang or power surge may occur while you are copying a RAR file to an external drive. Then the file may not be copied fully due to discontinuity. As a result, You can't extract the files out of the RAR file due to this corruption.

RAR Repair software helps to fix corrupted RAR files and effectively extracts files from damaged RAR. It can even fix password protected RAR files on the computer. The tool has user friendly interface for the ease of use. It has lots of advantageous features like, it supports repairing RAR files created on all WinRAR versions, it implements completely automated process to repair RAR files. It can repair CRC error in RAR file on Win XP, Win Vista and Win 7. If you are getting any strange errors while accessing the RAR file then this application helps in  fixing WinRAR files corrupted after invalid RAR file errors. The demo version of the software is available to check the recovery result and evaluate the results before buying the software.

Steps to extract files from corrupted RAR:

Step 1: You first need to download and install the RAR Repair software. Once you launch the software, you need to browse the corrupt RAR file using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button to start the RAR repair process.

Extract Files from Corrupted RAR - Main Screen

Step 2: After successfully finishing the repair process, you can view the recovered contents of the repaired RAR file.

Extract Files from Corrupted RAR - Preview Screen