Broken RAR Repair

Repair Broken RAR Files Easily

A RAR file is native format of WinRAR archiver which acts as a container and stores different types of files in a compressed form. This compression technique is very useful especially when we need to send a large file over internet or if we need to store large file in a small space. RAR file supports compression of information, error correction and file spanning also. That is why RAR is preferable to compress and save files. However, it is definitely a shocking situation when you download a RAR file with important data but you cannot able to open it. Often it happens mainly if the file is broken or damaged severely. Needless to say, It is not implies that broken RAR repair is impossible. If you search for good repair tool, you will get so many options but you should select an effective application and no doubt, RAR Repair Tool is leading among all applications as it is designed repair RAR files of any size.

Normally when we download any large file like movie, project or any other folder, it is downloaded in compressed form. There is some common reason for which RAR file gets corrupt or broken. Incomplete downloading is one of the important reasons to damaging the structure of RAR file. Any interruption at the time of downloading RAR file can make that file broken. When you are downloading the file if any interruption occurs due to sudden power surge or if server gets down, then there may be chances of RAR file corruption. In such cases, you cannot access any data from that broken RAR file. Then you can use this tool to fix RAR file after incomplete download.

Another important reason of broken RAR file is incorrect compression of RAR file. There are so many methods of RAR compression. When you compress your file, the header of the RAR file may be corrupted. You have no information until you will try to access it. In that case, this program will be suitable to fix that broken RAR file with utmost ease. RAR file may also get broken due to disruption at the time of copying. If any discontinuity occurs when you copy large amount of information as a RAR file from an external drive, you cannot extract all information from that file. In that case you need to use this advanced utility to access information from corrupted RAR file. It will also help you if RAR file is corrupted due to its header corruption by external threats.

RAR file may be broken due to any interruption at the time of unzipping. At the time of unzipping, RAR file will be broken due to occurrence of CRC error. For every byte in the content of the file there is a checksum. After unzipping the file if that checksum does not match the intended data, an error is thrown and the file is broken. But do not worry, you can easily repair that broken RAR file after CRC error using this powerful mechanism. This RAR repair program has some more useful characteristics that it can repair RAR file broken after improper recovery operation. Similarly, it is the best solution to repair RAR archive that is not extracting. You can employ this utility in popular versions of WinRAR like WinRAR 2, WinRAR 3, WinRAR 1.3 and WinRAR 1.5 on all versions of Windows OS.

Moreover, this software can also repair RAR files that has been corrupt or damaged due to CRC errors. click on this link to know the complete process of CRC failed RAR file repair,

Follow the below steps to fix broken RAR files:

Step 1: First download the demo version of the RAR Repair toolon your system. Then install and launch it to fix the broken RAR file. On the main screen you have to "Browse" the corrupted RAR file and click on "Repair" button to start the repair process shown in Figure 1.

Broken RAR Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: When the repair process is completed successfully, you can access all items from the repaired RAR file.

Broken RAR Repair - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Window