Repair RAR Archive CRC Error

Best Way to Fix RAR File after CRC Error Occurs

RAR archive is very useful to transfer bulky folders and files over internet. This type of file allow us to create a single compressed archive of smaller size from multiple files. In this way, we can save our valuable storage space on hard drive and reduce the chance of virus infection to that file. We use different compression method to create an RAR file and extract them when we need. Due to this frequent compression and extraction, you may get some error resulting to corruption of that archive. CRC Error is one of the most important reasons related to improper compression and extraction process.  After that, the archive file will be corrupted and you lose all information from that file. The easy way to repair RAR archive CRC Error is to use a RAR Repair Tool.

=Do you know what is CRC Error and why does it happen? A CRC error occurs when there is some ambiguity in CRC value after extraction with previous one. There exists a CRC value for every byte in the archive file during compression. After extraction of that file a new CRC is generated and compared with the preceding value. If it does not match, a CRC error is thrown and the RAR file is corrupted. Then, if you cannot extract files from that RAR file due to such error, you can easily repair not-extracting RAR archive using this prominent application.

Your system may fail to perform Cyclic Redundancy Check due to interruption in extraction process of the compressed file or due to improper download of that file. If extraction operation is done by improper method or aborted unexpectedly due to any reason then this error may occur. Apart from that, it also happen due to presence of noise in cabling system, error in transmitting interface, scratches on the disk etc. Due to these reasons, if your RAR file is corrupt this RAR Repair tool will be very useful to fix corrupted RAR file.

Besides CRC errors, your archive file may also be damaged due to corruption of file header, frequent change in file extension, improper download, Windows registry corruption etc. If you cannot access your RAR file after getting some error message, then no need to panic. You can fix all these errors using this effective utility in the same way as you repair RAR archive CRC error. Even, your RAR archive may also get inaccessible if there is not enough space on disk to extract that file. After that, if need to fix that inaccessible RAR file in simple steps, go through this link:

This RAR Repair Tool is integrated with some advanced algorithm to make it efficient in different corruption situations. You can employ this application to repair RAR archive CRC error on different version of WinRAR application. It is designed with simple user interface to make the repair process easy and simple. This application allows you to fix corrupted, damaged and inaccessible RAR archive on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and all other versions. Even, if you need to fix any password protected RAR file after corruption, you can choose this repair program to get better result. If you need any help in this repair operation, use this link:

Simple Steps to Repair RAR Archive CRC Error:

Step 1: Install and launch the RAR Repair Tool and click on "Browse" option to select your corrupted RAR file. After that, to start repair process click on "Repair" button.

Repair RAR Archive CRC Error - Main Screen

Step 2: After completion of repair process successfully, you can view all recovered items of repaired RAR archive.

RAR CRC Error Repair Tool- Preview Screen