Repair Corrupt RAR Files

  • RAR Repair Tool fixes all version of RAR files
  • Easily fix broken WinRAR file after invalid RAR file error irrespective of the reason for corruption
  • RAR Repair Tool provides an easy-to-use intuitive graphical user interface
  • Repair zip unexpected end of archive error due to harmful virus attacks, windows registry error, CRC error, header corruption & RAR file corruption
  • RAR Repair Tool employs a complete automated process to repair the corrupt RAR archive
  • Repair RAR files corrupt after header corruption on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Unable to access precious files after RAR archive corruption??

You got a perfect solution here!!!

You might have come across terrible situations where the RAR archive refused to open after being downloaded. It’s really frustrating to lose access to your valuable files just in few seconds. Don’t be desperate!!! You will be glad to know that, only the access to the RAR files is lost not the RAR files. The RAR file contents are still intact to their original location. Thanks to the emerging technology and reliable utility like RAR Repair Tool which will help you to fix the corrupt RAR files. Once the RAR file is fixed, you can easily access it.

Compressed archives like RAR have become popular due to flexible storage and transmission facility. You can easily compress large sized files into a single RAR archive and transfer it through the internet. However, RAR file corruption due to download error is one of the frequently experienced scenarios. Any interruption during the downloading process can corrupt the entire RAR archive. Apart from that, sharing the RAR files over a network can also result in RAR file corruption.

Download error is not the only reason behind RAR file corruption. There are other reasons behind RAR file corruption. Have a look at the following cases mentioned below.

Common causes of RAR corruption are:

  • Size Mismatch Error: This type of error is also called CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error. In such cases RAR files may fail to extract and show an error message saying mismatch in size. The reasons behind this type of error are compression problem or disk drive issues.
  • Error while inflating RAR file: Sometimes, you may encounter error messages like "Database and data store files were not successfully extracted from rar file. Error inflating: oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree". You may not be able to extract the RAR files and will need the RAR repair tool to fix the corruption. This type of case can be the outcome of missing parity bit or virus.

  • W32 Nopir C Worm infection: This type of worms is one of the destructive worms. It can spread via some file sharing utilities like eMule, Kazaa and Gnucleus. Such worms weaken the system security settings and later deletes/truncates RAR files.

RAR Repair Software – Unique Functionalities:

  • Easily repair RAR archive damaged after CRC error on all Windows OS like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10.
  • A complete automated RAR repair process that keeps the original contents intact and extract files from corrupted RAR.
  • RAR Repair Tool effectively fixes large sized RAR files despite of the severity of corruption
  • RAR Repair Tool helps in repairing RAR archive damaged after incomplete download due to low or improper internet connection.
  • Possesses powerful RAR repair engine to fix corrupt RAR archive and also restore password protected RAR files
  • RAR Repair Tool easily fix RAR errors occurring due to damaged or corrupted RAR archive.

Fix corrupt RAR files using RAR repair program in just a few clicks:

  1. Download and Install the demo version of RAR repair program. Upon successful launching browse the damaged RAR file using Browse option and click on Repair button to start the RAR repair process.
  2. Once the repair process is completed, you will be able to view the contents of the repaired RAR file.

Few useful tips for future:

  • Use the latest Antivirus program to avoid RAR file corruption due to the virus attack.
  • Use UPS on your computer to avoid any interruption in a downloading process due to power failure.
  • The best solution is to keep an updated backup of the important RAR files.

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