How to Compress Large Video Files

Easy approach to compress large video files!

File size is an important aspect that may be a concern for users in many situations. For example, if you have to upload video file that you want to share online or when there is need of emailing few video clips via email attachment, it’s size matters a lot. Most of email server has it’s own size limit of attachment and allows users to attach files of a specific maximum size like 20 MB, 30 MB, 50 MB. So when user tries to upload video files that are more than such specified size, server automatically blocks attachment and uploading or emailing gets failed. Also, it takes considerable amount of time to upload large size video files. To come over this issue, industry experts have invented some methods but file compression technique is most popular and efficient among any solution.

How it is possible to compress large video file?

Video file format are compressible and by doing so, it’s total size can be reduced further without any loss of information. Using file compression tool, user can make video files smaller than before and then it becomes easy to upload or email compressed video files over network. Such tools are based on lossless compression technology that works for eliminating redundant information from file content. Next time when user unpack archive that contains compressed video file, file becomes same as before with no information loss and it can be played easily. Once a file is compressed successfully, it takes very less memory space on storage drive. Therefore, file compression technology is very useful to save very large files on a limited memory space.

Always select an efficient file compression tool!

Choosing a good application to compress large video files is really very important task. User should be cautious about excellence of file compression tool in order to avoid any unexpected outcome while compressing large video files. Remo More is regarded as one of the most trusted utility that can significantly compress large video files without losing quality and quantity. It is designed with great user interface to support easy and effective compression of video files.

With the aid this tool, user has options to compress kinds of videos like MOV, FLV, AVI, MP4 etc. Additionally, it can be utilized for producing archive of songs, photos, Excel sheets, Word files, PDF documents and other files. This software works well on Windows and Mac OS X running computers and compress files securely without causing any damage or loss of information. Once it is launched, user gets step by step guidance to proceed with compression operation. User can download it’s free version from internet. This software comes with plenty of features that user often needs while working on computer or any other media gadgets.

Steps to compress large video files:

Step 1: Launch this application on your computer and click on "Manage" option. Then select "Compress & Burn" option to create compressed video file.

How to Compress Large Video Files - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now select Zip feature to proceed for video file compression.

How to Compress Large Video Files - Select Zip Option

Figure 2: Select Zip Option

Step 3: Here in step, user needs to add video files that he want to compress. Add files and click on Compress option to start compression.

How to Compress Large Video Files - Add Files

Figure 3: Add Files