Repair Broken Archive RAR File

Easy Approach to Repair Broken Archive RAR File

Usually users faces big problem when they attempt to send large size or several files through internet. You will get an error message if total size of data exceeds the limit. In such instances, RAR file format is absolute resolution to get rid of this trouble. It is frequently used to compress large size of information to comparatively smaller storage space to accomplish the size limit. Compression of data in RAR file format is also a reasonable way to save disk space. Since RAR file is often used over network and compression / extraction are compulsory to use it, it becomes more easy to make the RAR file broken. Next to that, you cannot access data from that compressed archive resulting to severe data loss. Here is an easy and effective way to repair broken archive RAR file using a proficient RAR Repair Tool. It has ample features to fix broken RAR file in various circumstances.

Though your RAR archive may be broken in different reasons, do not get panicked. You can fix broken RAR file each and every state of affairs. Compressed RAR file is mainly corrupted at the time of downloading. The compressed archive will be broken if file structure is disordered because of improper downloading. If downloading process is interrupted due to faulty network connection, power surge or cancelation of downloading in any other reasons, you will receive a broken archive. Then you will not be able to extract any information from that compressed file. The only way to fix not-extracting RAR file is use of this RAR Repair tool.

In addition, you may end up with such broken RAR file, due to CRC error or if the header of the file is corrupted. A checksum is generated during creation of archive file and it is attached to that file. This value is compared to newly generated CRC value during extraction. If these two values do not match, you will get a ‘CRC Error’ and that file will be inaccessible. Utilization of RAR Repair Tool will be proper way to fix this error in easy steps. Header corruption is another vital reason to make your RAR file broken. It usually happens if you try to alter header of that archive with insufficient knowledge or using unreliable application. If you need to repair broken archive RAR file after header corruption, follow this link:

RAR Repair Tool is an outstanding and easy to use application to fix broken RAR file in any situation. This utility is preferred by so many professionals because of its automated and protective process to repair broken archive RAR file. It performs repair operation without altering the information in original file. This repair program is highly efficient to repair password protected or large size of compressed file and can fix many types of errors raised during accessing. RAR Repair Tool supports all versions of WinRAR utility such as WinRAR 3, WinRAR 1.5, WinRAR 2 and WinRAR 1.3. You can employ this application to repair broken archive RAR file in all famous versions of Windows OS. You will get complete assistance to fix broken RAR file on Windows 8 in this link:

Steps to Repair Broken Archive RAR File:

Step 1: Download and install this application on your system to repair broken archive. After launching it, "Browse" broken RAR file and then click on "Repair" button from Main Screen.

Repair Broken Archive RAR File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After successful completion of repair operation, you can access all shown items from the repaired RAR file.

Broken RAR Repair - Repaired Files

Figure 2: Repaired Files